Saturday, July 26, 2008

LOST spoilers from Comic-Con

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  • The island did not travel when the hatch imploded, but something did happen.
  • We'll see more of Locke and Jin on the show. "Dead is a relative term," and there's still a lot of story to be told about those characters.
  • We will see Rousseau's story this year, but it won't exactly be a flashback. We're done with flashbacks and flashforwards, but there will be some time-jumping excitement anyway. There will be storytelling on and off the island, and in different periods of time.
  • Vincent the Dog is fine and will be in season five — and will survive until the end of the show.
  • The Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle is central to the show, and we'll see more interesting permutations of it over the next two seasons. And Kate will see Sawyer again.
  • The nameless extras in the Zodiac boat with Farraday, stranded with the island gone, may be toast, but "things are looking up" for Farraday himself.
  • Speaking of Daniel, he has a little notebook that tells him stuff that's happened, and stuff that will happen soon, and it's going to figure prominently in season five.
  • Richard Alpert is "quite old," thanks to the island's mystical properties, and we'll see more of his history this year. We'll also see him barefoot in "the near future, pun intended," so we'll find out how many toes he has.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

She & Him

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I just bought my ticket to see them at OSU. If anyone wants to go along (general admission), let me know. Just don't use Ticketmaster because they charge $8.85 in extra fees. I paid by phone and only paid $1.50 extra.

Friday, July 18, 2008


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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ultimate geek footwear

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For the past 19 years, we've been aware of one thing missing from our fashionable high-top Nike's. Power-laces. Now, as much as I despise Nike and the fact that they bought Converse, they do have one pair of shoes I would like to own. They don't exactly have power laces, but they are limited edition and apparently adjusted for inflation from the year 2015.

As I said, they're limited edition, and the only place I've been able to find them is on eBay for $850. But I guess there is the whole Mr. Fusion shipping surcharge. The only thing better would be a DeLorean. Or a hoverboard. Or maybe just a flux capacitor.

Monday, July 7, 2008


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Lawrence of Arabia is epic in every sense of the term. It runs 3 hours 36 minutes, and what is on screen much of the time is a truly epic desert landscape most of us will never get to see in person. I used to have a wishlist, somewhere, of movies I felt must be seen on the big screen to be truly experienced (although, that should be true of most movies). This summer I'll get to check two of those off the (now mental) list: Lawrence of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago. Both are directed by David Lean, whose name is nearly synonymous with "epic". (This isn't going to be a movie review. It's a 46-year-old movie. You can get off the couch and get it from Blockbuster.)

Lawrence played today, and it was the first time I'd gone to the Victoria Theatre for a movie on a Sunday afternoon. They usually run a movie for three days then it's done, so this was the last day. It was much less crowded than the last time I went (a Friday night Hitchcock movie.) I assume it was the fact that it was a Sunday, but it's also the 4th of July weekend, and a 3 1/2 hour movie (although one guy behind me, seeing the running time given in minutes, seemed to do some fuzzy math and declared it would be nearly 3 hours long). The crowd was the same as usual. A median age of around 72. In fact during the Wurlitzer organ concert preceding the show (I know, they might as well beg for an older crowd, right?) he had everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to a man turning 85. I guess all that really says is that they've got better taste in movies than the generation eagerly awaiting the newest Brendan Fraser movie in 3-D.

I stayed up way too late last night watching season 4 episodes of LOST on the PS3, so I was a little worried about staying awake through the movie. I actually had no problem staying awake at all, but the man a chair over from me was snoring 15 minutes into the film (+6 minutes for the Mr. Magoo cartoon). He eventually woke up, and probably even saw most of the movie, but I kept hearing that deep breathing and saw his wife elbow him a couple of times. It's pretty amazing he was able to sleep with his head upright.

Anyway, it was a memorable experience seeing it project in 35mm (all the 70mm only seem to end up in big cities) as opposed to the first time I watched it, on DVD on a 32" SDTV.

If anyone sees that 2001: A Space Odyssey is showing within 50 miles or so, let me know.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


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I think I prefer colder weather for one reason and one reason only. Wearing a coat or jacket usually doubles the number of pockets available to me. In the winter, I can comfortably carry my wallet, keys, a couple of pens, Chap Stick, PDA, analog notebook, and digital camera (and cell phone if I wanted to be bothered by an income-sucking nuisance.) The only reason I bring it up, is that I literally left my Chap Stick in my other pants when I left this morning, so I set myself up to have a bad day. By 10 PM I was looking forward to finally getting home, Marble Slab shake in hand, but what I came home to was far from a chance to relax (and find my Chap Stick). When I leave the dog home alone for a long time I make sure she can go outside, but that doesn't mean I expect to find grass puked up on my bed and soaked through to the mattress. She didn't even eat all the food in her bowl. Sheets are in the washer, mattress is clean and drying, and I haven't even gotten around to getting the mail.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Twisted Dream

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I don't normally have a clear memory of my dreams, but when I do, they're generally pretty bizarre. Last night I was dreaming I was driving around in my car and there were dark clouds in every direction. Looking one way, though, it looked like the cloud was all the way to the ground, the way it looks when it's raining heavily in the distance. Eventually I realized that it was a gigantic tornado like the one at the end of Twister. I realized I was going to need to hold on to something, so I pulled over and grabbed some steel bars that were conveniently secured to concrete by the side of the road. It didn't take long for the tornado to pick up my car, but I held on tight and saw up through the middle of the tornado, thinking to myself, "They really got it right in Twister, because that's exactly what the inside of a tornado looks like." I also remember thinking, "No one is going to believe this when I post it to my blog tomorrow", still believing my dream to be true. Yes, I dreamt about my blog page. It might sound impressive that I held myself to the ground while a huge tornado passed over my head, but I'm pretty it's cheating when you're Superman. Did I forget to mention that part? Yes, I was also Superman, but without the tights. And apparently without the ability to fly since I was having a lot of trouble with that after the tornado.

Told you. Bizarre.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why bother?

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I was filling up my car this morning (Okay, that's not true. I only had enough money for 5 gallons.) and I realized that they're still tacking on 9/10 of a cent to each gallon. Honestly, what's the point? It might have made some when gas was still $0.99. (I still remember in 1991 when everyone was saying, "We'll never see gas under $1 again." And it was only 3 years ago that we thought $2.35 was really high for gas.) So again I ask, why bother? What's the point? Why not just round up to the next full cent?