Friday, June 29, 2007

The $100,000 phone?!

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There's no way these people really plan on paying. That would just be stupid.

Refueling (C-47, F-86, B-25)

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Wright-Patt's July 4th festival is tonight. I got to help refuel an F-86 (NX188RL) and C-47 (N277GB). Also saw a B-25 and P-51 land just before I left.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Obsessions

[migrated from myspace blog] has people posting their own "must-lists", so I thought I'd post my summer obsessions here, and encourage anyone else to post comments with their's.


The Glorious Unseen
The 4400
Pudding Pops
Béla Fleck and Chick Corea's The Enchantment
Criterion DVDs (The Third Man, Double Life of Veronique, La Jetee/Sans Soleil)
Veronica Mars (I watched all 3 seasons in less than a month)
Chocolate-dipped Altoids
News on The Dark Knight
Books about LOST
Seeing old movies projected on the big screen
Waiting for my Cavaliers Eastern Conference Championship hat to come in (and there's always next year.)

Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm Batman

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Well, I'm not, but he is....
Check out the redesigned suit.
Note that he can now turn his head.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Like LOST? Like Podcasts?

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Then you'll want to read about how LOST and podcasting have been feeding off each other from the start.

Happy 40th, Sgt. Pepper

That echo-laden voice you hear counting in the middle of 'A Day in the Life?' It belongs to Beatle roadie Mal Evans, who had been asked to count the measures in a gap in the tape that eventually would contain the song's first huge orchestral buildup.

The alarm clock that precedes the "Woke up, fell out of bed" portion was nothing more than Evans' way of signaling the end of the gap.