Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I love a good documentary film. Editing together a coherent story culled from hundreds of hours of footage must take a lot more patience, and in some ways, perhaps even greater skill than a scripted story. I just finished watching "Comedian" for the second time since it was released on DVD several years ago. There are moments in the film that capture Seinfeld at his most vulnerable (professionally, anyway.) "Comedian" falls into the first of what I think would be one of really only three categories for documentaries. The well known, the obscure, and Ken Burns who really shouldn't need an explanation, so skip it.

The well known would be things (or people) like Seinfeld of course, 9/11, the Apollo Program, Trekkies (although there is a lot of the obscure in that one). The obscure: American Movie, Paper Clips, The King of Kong.

Recently, though, there seems to be an unlikely subcategory of documentary (no, not global warming). The web site. Granted, I've only come up with two, but I'm confident there will be more to come.
24 Hours on Craigslist, the site for which had a banner ad for:
Truth in Numbers: The wikipedia Story

As absurd as either one of those sound, the absurdity just makes me want to see them more.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Strange Dream

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Let me preface my dream by talking about a few things that happened before I went to bed last night. One is that someone asked me what is my favorite movie (Back to the Future).

Another is that I watched this:

Not completely sure how that plays in, but I'm sure it does. Anyway, last month there was a concert where the Honolulu Orchestra performed a LOST Symphony, and between songs Terry O'Quinn spoke (I think he read from a fictional diary or something.) Anyway, mash that all together and you end up with my dream, I guess.

In the dream someone was performing a musical tribute to Back the Future similar to that of LOST, but different celebrities were coming out between songs instead of just one. The particular one in my dream happened to be Matthew Fox from LOST, and he was wearing studded red leather jacket similar to what Michael Jackson might have worn in 1985. Since Back the Future came out in 1985, and is an important year within the movie, it made sense to be wearing the jacket. What I realized later is that he was being even more clever than I could have imagined. Michael Jackson.....Michael J....Matthew Fox....Michael J. Fox.

Either my subconscious is a lot more clever than me or it's just a crazy dream coincidence.

Answer: YES!

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