Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not my favorite day

I think it's safe to call this a memorable week. Last weekend I finally got back to comfortable 5K runs, just in time for a timed ORRRC race with 250 other people. Finally passed 200 miles on my Thursday run after sunset. Did my first 4-mile run since 1 April this morning (Saturday). My weight is going back in the right direction, though I'm no longer confident I can get below 200 before 15 September.

Then I got a text from my mom asking me to bike with her. It never crossed my mind until late that I had only eaten a banana and some Gatorade because I wasn't hungry and it was only 10 AM. After riding about 7 miles on the bike trail north of Taylorsville Dam, I coasted into the parking lot and lost my balance as I was simultaneously slowing and pulling my shoes from the pedal clips. I was mad that I fell, but wasn't badly hurt and even told the woman who asked twice that I was fine. I picked up the bike and my sunglasses, walked over to the car. I realized my elbow was bleeding and asked my mom to grab some napkins from my glove box. She noticed my face was pale and I started feeling dizzy, so I leaned back against the rear quarter panel of the car. I closed my eyes to try to let the dizziness pass, but the next thing I remember I was sitting on the ground next to the car with three people around me and water being poured on my head. I felt okay, but I knew I didn't sit down and I was hearing that I passed out. I passed out a second time and woke up laying down, where I stayed until the ambulance got there. I really didn't want to to go the emergency room, but everyone told me I should. All tests were fine. I got a unit of saline fluid through an IV and was finally released after a couple hours. Never tested low for blood sugar even though I probably should have eaten something more before the bike ride. The P.A. at the E.R. chalked it up to this:

Not my favorite day.