Monday, April 16, 2012

5 months

I've only run once this month. Only April 1st I ran 4.6, but the first mile caused some shin splint pain. I've taken some real time off to rest, but I was concerned about a stress fracture. X-rays didn't show anything, so I'm on Naproxen through the end of the week, only biking and walking on occasion. My weight loss has halted, so I'm going to have to work harder on the nutrition side (hoping to run the 10K at 200 pounds in 151 days. Will be about 50 pounds less than I was January 1st.)

I also bought a pair of compression sleeves for my calves. Supposed to help with shin splints. Increased blood flow and reduced vibration. I'm hoping this is the end of this problem because I really need to get back on my feet and log some miles. Can't wait to pass 5 miles.