Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pop Punk Coffee Beans

Sorry, but if there's ever been a time to yell "sellout", it's now:

Edit: Okay, maybe "sellout" is a bit harsh, but "absurd" and "ridiculous" still apply.

You're not emo...deal with it.

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Fall Out Boy...you're not emo.

13-year-old girls with RAZR phones...you're not emo.

Anyone who's ever said "I'm so emo"...you're not emo.

Anyone who's never heard of Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbreaker, Roadside Monument, Christie Front Drive, Texas is the Reason, The Promise Ring, or Mineral...you're not emo.

Stop hijacking words you don't understand.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Trash Truck meets Fire Truck

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Ever wonder what happens when trash spontaneously combusts after the trash man picks it up? Now we know. Apparently the procedure involves finding the nearest parking lot and dumping the entire load until the fire department can come clean up the mess.

Sunday, December 3, 2006


[migrated from myspace blog]

Who says there's nothing worth reading in the newspaper? I found a couple of read-worth articles today. The first is about archive.org, which is apparently where old webpages go when they die. It's kind of a time machine to the past for the internet. So what did Google look like before anyone had heard of it?


And the second article for today - PKD (and at last, a decent DVD release of Blade Runner.)