Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goal acheived

After my not-favorite day, I actually ended up having a really good week. I was back to running the next day, doing 3-4 miles during the first half of the week. On Thursday of that week I ran 5 miles just to see if I could. ORRRC had a 10K race on Saturday, so I took Friday off, still not sure that I really wanted to try 6.2 miles for the first time in a race. But I did, 6 weeks before my original goal date. I took my time on the relatively flat (except up and over Taylorsville Dam) out-and-back bike-trail course, on which I had to pass the place where I had previously passed out.

Shin splints are still a struggle, but I keep doing exercises to strengthen those muscles, and need to add a bit more rest into my schedule. Maybe some strength training on days off, instead.

I found this picture from last October and it's pretty difficult to look at, at this point. I'm still stuck around the 220 mark, but I know I can run 10K at that weight if I have to, and I still think I can get to 199 before the end of the year.