Monday, January 22, 2007


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A movie theater is NOT:

Your living room.

A DVD commentary, and you're not the director.

A descriptive soundtrack for the blind. I can see 12-foot-high details on my own, thanks.

A stand-up club. Oh, and you didn't come up with the funny line. I already heard it in the context of the movie and don't need you to repeat it!

An invitation to explain visual gags by Homer Simpson swinging between a rock and The Hard Place. "Do you get it?" Yes! We ALLL get it. Nice of you to catch up to the rest of us.

Next time do me a favor and wait for the DVD so I don't have to listen to you wasting the oxygen in the room while completely ignoring my annoyed stares. If someone turns all the way around to stare you down, it doesn't mean they're trying to hear you more clearly.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

PKD Update

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Extra! Extra!

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International TV is an interesting creature in today's world of instant gratification and internet access. Australian and European audiences have to wait months longer than American audiences for their channels to air such shows as Lost and Heroes. The only international show I currently care about is Extras, which aired in September and October of last year in the U.K. Thanks to Al Gore's series of tubes, I was able to watch these episodes on my computer the same week they aired across the Atlantic, so when HBO started promoting "the new season" of Extras, my first thought was that they were already working on a third seaon. (The term "series" is used in place of "season" in the U.K., and with these shows, a series only consists of 6 episodes.) Ashley Jensen keeps the show from becoming too much of a boy's club (and that Scottish accent...second only to Keira Knightley's accent on the "I Could Listen to Her Forever" meter.)

Anyway, for anyone who hasn't yet seen Series 2 (which I have) and has HBO (which I don't):

Monday, January 1, 2007

Twin 747s

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These are obviously modified 747s and have their own military designator that I can never remember. My understanding is that they follow Air Force One in some sort of administrative support capacity. I was lucky enough to catch two on the ramp this particular day, and I really liked the picture and wanted someplace to put it, so I'm putting it here: