Saturday, September 8, 2012

One week to go

I was really starting to have doubts this week. Every time I would try to run, I got very tired and had to walk part of it. Never got over 4 miles. I thought I was psyching myself out of running longer. Today I'm convinced the heat and humidity were just more than I was used to. After the cold front passed through and it stopped raining this morning, I carbed up on a pancake and syrup, hydrated, stretched, and walked out the door with a fully-charged iPod and nearly-dead Garmin watch. Thankfully the battery on the watch lasted the whole run or I probably wouldn't have taken the extra lap around the block to give me 7 miles. Not only that, but with the exception of mile 2, every mile was faster than the one prior. I knew things were going well when I saw 4 miles on my watch, because I almost always have trouble after mile 3.

I put this week's times in my spreadsheet and I also passed 300 miles for the year, today.

I just hope the weather next Saturday morning is as perfect...and now I need to get used to running without my music.

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